Watch The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3 Online Free-Monsters

Sunday’s next installment of The Walking Dead will present more moral than physical problems for Rick Grimes and the survivors, according to AMC‘s official synopsis for the episode.

Season 8, episode 3 is called “Monsters” and no, it’s not referring to the constant swarm of the undead that are always just around the corner on this show. Instead, The Walking Dead season 8 is going to probe the costs other than body count that result from Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) battle with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his army.

“Monsters” could set up an interesting dichotomy for the rest of season 8. The show has made clear just how evil Negan is, and how Rick is the good guy in this war. Yet what if it muddies the waters a little bit? As they say, war is hell, and war in a post-apocalyptic world populated by both zombies and sociopaths must be particularly hellacious. We’ll see what Rick has to do in tomorrow’s episode.

Here’s how AMC officially describes the episode:

Conflict with the Saviors leads to consequences for the allies; morality proves tricky in wartime.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday on AMC in the US, with FOX and NOW TV airing the show a day later in the UK.

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