The Walking Dead could “absolutely” continue without Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes

One of the longest-running television series is “The Walking Dead” which has a huge number of followers ever since it started. The show will soon be airing its eighth season, which is one proof that the comic-based series is indeed doing well.

While we’ve seen countless shock deaths in The Walking Dead over the years, one character who has always seemed safe is Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes. However, writer Robert Kirkman recently revealed that he doesn’t think Rick will make it to the end of the comic book series, and now it seems the TV adaptation could follow suit.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lincoln talked about the details of the show without Rick.

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Although he is the leader of the group, it doesn’t mean that he could stick until the very end.

With the show having its 100th episode as well as its 8th season, there is a big chance for a new plot twist. And this might include the end of Rick Grimes. Lincoln did not mention that his character will die, but he said that he doesn’t see Rick as the main narrative force of the series. He even added that the exit door is already open for him if he chooses to end it.

Also, Kirkman told when asked if the show could survive without its leader, “I think it could. Andy is the leader of this show and his dedication to the show is absolutely inspiring. Everyone just looks up to him and he’s a huge part of this show. But we have a very strong ensemble, and there’s a lot of characters that could carry the show. The Walking Dead is a story very much about a world and a bunch of people inhabiting that world. [However] I don’t think we have to worry about that any time soon.”

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“We’ve just scratched the surface of this world,” added showrunner Scott Gimple. “We don’t want to go on without Rick Grimes, but again, in year 20, in year 30, who knows? We lose terrific actors and terrific characters because that’s part of the narrative and we’re always forced to go on and figure out a way to make the narrative work and to make it the best show possible after losing people. So I don’t think any show is more prepared, sadly, to lose people than The Walking Dead is. As the show goes on and on and on, who knows? But I’m also certain that we will do it in a way that only adds to the narrative and only makes the story richer for losing these incredible people.”

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 22 and will follow a day later on FOX UK.

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