Big News: Scott Gimple Reveals Whether Maggie’s Baby Will Arrive In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8

Everything’s looking disturbed with Maggie’s pregnancy on The Walking Dead, but, as showrunner Scott Gimple revealed during Sunday’s special TWD Season 8 preview edition of Talking Dead, Baby Rhee will not be born during the upcoming season.

On that note, he revealed a definitive answer to whether or not Maggie will have her baby in the upcoming 16-episode run.

Hardwick used a question from fans to ask the showrunner if Maggie’s baby would arrive before Season 8 comes to an end. Surprisingly, Gimple completely answered the question.

“Maggie’s baby will not be born is Season 8,” Gimple said. “But anything’s possible.”

Which could mean a couple of things: (a) the baby will not be born during the new season and will not be seen at all during Season 8, or (b) the baby won’t be born during Season 8 but could be introduced to viewers as an older version of Maggie and Glenn’s son.

You might have seen that shot of Old Man Rick in the San Diego Comic-Con The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer, the one that has fans thinking the season could include a time jump? So, yeah, just sayin’, just because we have confirmation that Maggie doesn’t give birth in Season 8, that doesn’t necessarily mean Hershel’s grandchild won’t appear in the new world in Season 8.

With Maggie’s baby not being born in Season 8, this indicates the 16-episodes which promise to have an action-packed, fast pace will take place in less than six months time.

Also, the fans of The Walking Dead comic know that the birth of Maggie and Glenn’s child is never actually shown in the books. Instead, the time jump which follows the war with Negan and the Saviors is where the baby is born. The first time Maggie’s baby boy is seen in the books, he is more than a year old.

The Walking Dead Season 8 will hit screens in the US on October 22 on AMC, and a day later in the UK on Fox, October 23.

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